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If you are looking for high quality, original artwork and designs to add style and panache to that special area of your home; or if you want to commission something new and totally unique to bring an element of sophistication and impact to enrich a business environment, then you are in the right place!


The paintings and images displayed on this site are all the work of Lisa Rippon B.A.


Lisa’s work draws inspiration from the natural world, adapting the patterns and textures conceived by that master designer, Mother Nature, to form the basis for her paintings, giving her work a wonderful organic feeling and fluidity.


You can discover more about Lisa’s work and her background by clicking the Biography button at the top left of this page.  The Exhibitions page gives details of where Lisa’s work has been on public and private exhibition and the Publicity page some of the praise for her work written in the press.


The Commissions page shows some of the individual works that Lisa has created for her discerning clients, both private and corporate, while the Evolution page gives some insight to the creative process, showing some of the artworks in different stages and identifies the differences between the oil and watercolour medias.


By visiting the Gallery page, you can enter the virtual gallery and see more of Lisa’s paintings, divided into the Naturalistic, Koi and Scripts sections that make up the bulk of her work.


The Links page gives details and links to other art related and associated web sites that you may wish to visit and the Contacts page gives all the details to contact Lisa if required.


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All the artworks are available to purchase in a variety of sizes and media to suit all budgets.  They can be supplied as limited edition prints and are also available for corporate hire if required.  Paintings can be commissioned to compliment any location or environment.  More details are available on the Gallery page or please use the link on the contacts page if you wish to discuss with Lisa directly.


Click the link buttons on the left hand side and explore the site to discover some truly imaginative and unusual artworks that it is guaranteed you will not find anywhere else!


All images and artwork depicted on this site are copyright Lisa Rippon

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